Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Related Party Transactions

Related Party Transactions
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2018
Related Party Transactions [Abstract]  
Related Party Transactions

Note 5 – Related Party Transactions


The Company’s CEO earned $10,000 per month. The following compensation was recorded within general and administrative expenses – related parties on the statements of operations: $90,000 and $90,000 for the nine months ended September 30, 2018 and 2017, respectively. As of September 30, 2018, $456,659 of compensation was unpaid and was included in accounts payable – related parties on the balance sheet.


As of September 30, 2018, $5,000 of the rent expense was unpaid and is included in accounts payable-related parties on the balance sheet.


On September 30, 2016, the CEO loaned $120,000 as a convertible note payable to the Company at an interest rate of 10%, due on October 1, 2017. In addition, the Company issued 600,000 warrants at an execution price of $1.00 which expire on September 30, 2021. See Note 7. The note is currently in default and has an accrued interest balance of $24,000.


As of September 30, 2018, the CEO and Company’s controlled by the CEO have loaned the Company a total of $680,539 in addition to the convertible note discussed above. The loans carry an interest rate of 8% and mature one year and one day from the date of the loan. The Company accrued interest of $46,993 on the loans. $284,489 of these loans are in default as of September 30, 2018.


On May 4, 2016, the Company began compensating Aviv Hillo, a member of the board of directors, $2,500 per month. The expense for the nine months ended September 30, 2018 was $17,500 compared to $22,500 for the nine months ended September 30, 2017. On or about August 1, 2018, Mr. Hillo became General Counsel to a company partially owned by a related party. He will continue to serve as a director but will not be compensated any longer as of August 1, 2018.


The Company on July 27, 2016 signed a sublease with entity partially owned by a related party to sub-lease approximately 2200 square feet 1691 Michigan Ave, Miami Beach, Fl. 33139, beginning August 1, 2016 and ending December 31, 2018 at a monthly base rental of $7,741 per month until July 31, 2017, $7,973 per month from August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018, and $8,212 from August 1, 2018 to the sublease termination date. In addition to base rent, the Company will have to pay 50% of the CAM charges as additional rent. On or about January 15, 2017, The Company was made aware that the master lease for the office space was in default. Consequently, the Company ceased payments. On or about March, 31, 2017, The Company was served with an eviction notice as the Master Lease was still in default. The Company owes two months’ rent to the master lease holder which has been accrued. The Company has used its security deposit to partially pay its delinquent rent. On Friday, May 12, 2017 the Company moved its headquarters to 350 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139. The Company pays $2,718 per month rent. Beginning November 1, 2017, the Company began occupying the space on a month to month basis. In addition, the company had to pay a security deposit of $4,325.


KryptoBank Co., as part of its initial funding, borrowed an additional $95,000 from its shareholders during the nine months ended September 30, 2018. The notes have a stated interest rate of 12% compounded annually and are due on demand. The balance outstanding as of September 30, 2018 is $100,000.